If it is your first time

These are the basic faith doctrines that F.A.C.P. observes:


We believe … The Holy Bible is given by inspiration of God and reveals God’s plan for man’s salvation.

We believe… There is only one true God(Father, Son and Holy Spirit the unseparated and consubstantial Trinity).

We believe... in the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ and His incarmantion.

We believe … that man, made in God’s image and after his likeness, sinned by disobeying- introducing sin and therefore death into the world .

We believe… that every human being can restore their relationship with God through salvation (rebirth) that Jesus Christ offers by believing in Him.

We perform... the two basic decrees that Jesus Christ gave:

         a) baptism with water, after believing in Jesus Christ

         b) Holy Communion

We believe... in the baptism in the Holy spirit which is given to those who believe.

We believe… that the purpose of the church is to reveal Jesus Christ to people

We believe… that Christ heals people in our days too.

We believe… in the blessed hope- promise that as Jesus ascended into heaven he will return to earth – Second Coming “ to judge the quick and the dead”